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Key readings will be uploaded here under each week, by importance to read. Apart from Week 1, more readings will be uploaded soon so please check back later. I will also upload a Reading List document soon.

Week 1 – Health, health care, and health discourse: What can the fields of health and social semiotics offer each other? Please print readings 1 and 2 below and bring to class - read them beforehand if you can but if there’s no time to pre-read this week just come along anyway!

Week 1 slides

Halliday (1999) Grammar of pain

Halliday & Hasan (1985) Language, Context and Text Ch 4

Harvey&Koteyko (2012) Exploring Health Communication Ch 1

Moore (2019) Language & Medicine - Read Sections 25.1-

Week 2 – Patients talking to clinicians: focusing on doctors and patients enacting and negotiating role relationships

Thompson (1999) Acting the part

Thwaite (2015) MDA d-p interaction

Moore (2015) Message semantics & Questions in palliative care

Hasan et al. (2007) Semantic Networks

Week 3 – Patients talking to clinicians part 2: Guest lecture from Dr Neda Karimi - We’ll focus on experiential issues this week and Neda will walk us through how she did a transitivity concordance in her study on palliative oncology.

Karimi et al (2018) transitivity concordance in advanced cancer

Matthiessen (2013) Applying SFL to healthcare

Exercises on semantic networks and palliative care data

Alison’s slides Weeks 2-3 including some palliative care exercise answers

Week 4 – Broadening the clinical setting: other clinicians, families

Moore (2019) Language & Medicine - Read Sections -

Slade et al (2008) Emergency Dept interaction

Week 5 – Broadening the clinical setting part 2: interaction in mental health contexts

Week 6 – Mediating clinical interaction: healthcare interpreting and medical education

Week 7 – NO CLASS 10 APRIL

Recess – NO CLASS 17 APRIL

Week 8 – Mediating clinical interaction part 2: written & online information to support quality use of medicines

Week 9 – Mediating clinical interaction part 3: decision aids and social media

Week 10 – Mediating clinical interaction part 4: interaction within surgical and other hospital teams

Week 11 – Institution – and system-wide issues: cultures of risk and safety in the organisational and built environment

Week 12 – Health beyond the health system: cultural, legal, and economic drivers of health and contested notions of health

Week 13 – Q&A

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